Lili Inti is a luxury handbag brand with one extraordinary difference. Fashioned from Slovenian corn husk and butter-soft calf leather, collections unite traditional craftsmanship with a bold, modern aesthetic. Handmade by skilled artisans in the picturesque Prekmurje region, shop an ever-evolving range. Every handbag is an undeniable artwork. Informed by old-world customs but imbued with contemporary chic, Lili Inti is for the feminine style-setter who favours timeless European accessories. Each bag is a cultural talking point, steeped in an aura of adventure and romance. Throughout history, native peoples have been crafting items from the outer leaves of home- grown corn – braided, woven, or twined. Lili Inti carries this time-honoured practice into the 21st century, keeping a noble tradition alive. Your handbag says a lot about you, from the textures, construction, and colour to the way you carry it or sling it. Lili Inti is for those who live fearlessly. Dream a little. Dare to be different.

Brand Philosophy

Lili Inti’s brand philosophy is simple: to make luxury affordable, to revive a dying art, to deliver high-style handbags to a stale fashion landscape, to break the rules, to follow the heart. In a world where mass production dominates and synthetic fibres flood the market, it’s time to honour the creativity of our ancestors, to reengage with the magical corn husk. Our bags evoke a feminine allure, at once practical and captivating. When a woman carries Lili Inti, she feels free-spirited and extraordinary.


The Crop

Lili Inti handbags are made from ripened corn husks, grown and harvested in the undulating fields of Slovenia. A country celebrated for its majestic mountains, sparkling lakes, and flower-filled pastures, there’s no other bag quite like this one. In springtime, when the country is at its most breathtaking, local farmers sow the crop. Come autumn, when the landscape’s colours transition from emerald to ruby, every ear is hand-plucked. After hulling, the valuable husk is dried and stored, ready for artisan weavers to fashion each handbag. When Mokosh ‘the corn goddess’ gently calls, nimble fingers work their magic.

The Leather

The bag is then finished with the finest calf leather in Ubrique, Spain – locally known as the “cradle of leather” and famous for 300 years of leatherwork heritage. Iconic fashion houses including Gucci, Chloe, Loewe, and Louis Vuitton regularly call on the people of Ubrique for their exquisite master craftsmanship. Lili Inti is proud to be the next in line, delivering bags of supreme artisanal quality.

The Art

Prekmurje artisans carry on Slovenia’s time-honoured tradition of weaving, which is a disappearing trade. It takes up to 2 days in total to interlace a Lili Inti handbag, using knowledge passed down from the most ancient of ancestors. By working directly with local craftspeople, Lili Inti keeps Slovenian heritage and culture alive. Every woven husk is a masterpiece; every bag is a feast for the eyes.